DSE provides the resources for professionals in the entertainment and venue industries to enhance customer experiences, promote events, and engage with audiences.

By leveraging the capabilities of digital signage, entertainment professionals can create memorable experiences for their audiences and make their venues more interactive and appealing.

Here are just a few reasons to attend #DSE2024

  1. Educational sessions for inspiration and knowledge sharing. 

  2. Meet the experts: hear real-world stories from experts who are transforming the entertainment experience. 

  3. Connect with your peers: A dedicated networking lounge right on the Expo Floor, helping you meet other professionals facing and solving the same challenges as you.  

  4. See the latest tech: Assess companies who can provide everything from data and analytics, hardware, content and more. 

  5. Be inspired! There's nothing like seeing digital signage installations live and in-person. DSE helps you think big (and small) so you can take your digital signage game to the next level. 

Digital signage offers a powerful tool to communicate with customers, drive sales, and create memorable experiences. DSE helps professionals adapt to changing market trends and stay competitive in today's evolving  landscape.

First Americans Museum of Oklahoma Takes Guests on an Immersive Storytelling Experience by Peerless-AV (2022 DIZZIE Awards)
Multimedia Construction Project of Smart Field in Badouzi Fishing Harbor, Taiwan by Nova Media (2022 DIZZIE Awards)
Our House: World’s first electronic dance music experience by First Impression Audiovisual (2022 DIZZIE Awards)