Frequently Asked Questions


Q. When is Digital Signage Experience 2022? 

DSE show dates have moved to November 17-19, 2022 at the Las Vegas Convention Center. 


Q. When are the expo hall hours?

Thursday, November 17: 10am - 5pm
Friday, November 18: 10am - 5pm
Saturday, November 19: 10am - 3pm


Q. Why did you move DSE later in the year? 

In discussions with our advisory board and industry stakeholders, it became clear that the industry would benefit from bringing the digital signage community together later in the year, rather than in the Spring.  

The move also provides more opportunities to engage with the global digital signage community, with more touch points throughout the year to connect buyers and sellers, including a digital strategy that will comprise online interviews, conference sessions, webcasts, and more. 


Q. Why November? 

We had the opportunity to move the show within the same dates as two other Questex events focused on the entertainment design and technology industry as well as live event experience: Live Design International (LDI) and XLIVE. While these are three distinct events, they are all technology- and experience-focused, so holding them at the same time makes a great deal of sense. DSE will have its own halls and meeting rooms at the Las Vegas Convention Center (LVCC) and maintain its footprint to serve the close-knit digital signage community. 


Q. Will the DSE conference program change with this move? 

No. More than 50 speakers across dozens of sessions are confirmed from the originally planned schedule, including keynotes by Refik Anadol, new media artist, director and pioneer in aesthetics of data machine intelligence, and Skarpi Hedinsson, chief technology officer of SoFi Stadium and Hollywood Park. Sessions include tracks on content, DOOH, public spaces, restaurant, retail, strategy, and technology. Check out the schedule at a glance and the detailed conference schedule here


Q. Will the same networking opportunities exist? 

Yes. Most of the scheduled events haven't changed, thanks to our partners and supporters! All attendees will have access to the opening networking reception sponsored by Sony, on-floor workshops and sessions, three keynotes, DSE-produced awards ceremony, and more to come. Stay tuned. In addition, popular events held by our partners have also moved with us, including the DSE Sixteen:Nine industry mixer, the Experience United Social Club (XUSC) event, as well as manufacturer parties. 

In addition, DSE attendees will have full access to activities on the LDI and XLIVE exhibit floor at no extra cost. 


Q. Is DSE merging with other shows then? 

No. Questex has no plan to merge these brands or events. While there is a benefit to holding the shows over the same dates, and some synergy certainly exists in the businesses, these are distinct audiences with different needs. 

DSE will take place in Central Halls at the LVCC, while LDI and XLIVE are positioned in North Halls. Attendees will benefit from the ability to visit all three show exhibit spaces, but each will maintain its own space. There will be conference programming created to take advantage of crossover audiences. 


Q. What are these other shows, anyway? 

Live Design International (LDI) is a trade show and conference, paired with a digital content resource called Live Design, aimed at the entertainment/production technology market for those designing and working on stages and in venues. Think: lighting and stage designers, audio engineers, rigging professionals, media server programmers, content creators, and more. It comprises basically everything you’d see on a stage or in a production, except the performer, and any special effects you’d see at a special event or in a club or even a museum. 

XLIVE is also a trade show and conference, part of the LDI event, for those working in fan engagement or event planning. It’s where planners, producers, and venues can find solutions in event technology to digitally transform their experiences. Think: festival producers, promoters, event agencies, corporate meeting planners, trade show managers, and more. 

Combined, these two events usually bring in more than 12,000 attendees and nearly 300 exhibitors on a separate exhibit floor that will be open to all DSE attendees. 


Q. Why permanently move the show cycle and not just return to March in 2023? 

Positioning alongside Bar & Restaurant was an early strategic decision we made. While many synergies certainly exist with that event, we can see as many with LDI and XLIVE, both technology- and experience-focused events. As a company, we can still reach decision makers/or DSE relevant audience in the Bar & Restaurant audience, but in discussions with our advisory board and industry stakeholders, it became clear that the industry would benefit from bringing the digital signage community together later in the year, rather than in the Spring.  

As public spaces and digital worlds continue to evolve, the digital screen becomes an increasingly essential portal to future experiences and bringing together these three events makes a great deal of sense for both our exhibitors/sponsors and our attendees. 


Q. What happens between now and November if I want to stay abreast of DSE news? 

DSE is committed to engaging its audience all year. We will be launching a monthly newsletter to keep you up to date on all trade show and conference news, as well as regular webcasts, virtual conference session opportunities, and other digital offerings, including interviews with speakers, trending topics, exhibitor spotlights, and more. Sign up here to ensure you are on our list. 


Q. I registered for the March event but can’t attend in November? What do I do. 

You should have received an email regarding your options to keep your registration or receive a refund. If you have not, please contact our registrations services by email at [email protected], or call (774) 247-4039 or (877) 398-6942. 


Q. I wanted to exhibit and reach some of the verticals that Bar & Restaurant Expo serves. How will this affect my goals? 

As a company, we can still help you reach those audiences and many others, in fact. Through our far-reaching and varied verticals and channels, we can help brands reach DSE-related customers in Education, Healthcare, Hotels, Restaurants, Bars, and more. Contact our sales team to learn more about the many industries Questex serves


Q: What health and safety measures will you be taking at the event? 

  • The number one priority at DSE is the health & safety of all participants. Our team has been working in partnership with the Las Vegas Convention Center on how to provide a safe and secure environment and will have updates as we get closer to show dates.

  • The DSE exhibit halls and conference areas will be a safe and controlled environment where exhibitors, sponsors, attendees, speakers, contractors, and vendors can interact, conduct meetings, and form meaningful relationships. As we move towards the opening of the event, we want you to know we are taking every step available to create a safe and secure show experience. 

  • Together with the LVCC and adhering to strict CDC guidelines, we are also working closely with our vendors to continue to follow a rigorous safety regimen when interacting with our community. 


Q: What if my company does not allow me to travel for business? What if I am personally not comfortable attending in-person?  

We appreciate that there are company travel restrictions in place, please contact our team


Q: If I test positive before the event and must isolate, will I be able to get a refund? 

 Please refer to our attendee Terms and Conditions.