The Enigmatic World of 3D Faux DOOH Anamorphic: Unveiling DSE 2023's Most Mind-Bending Presentation

The digital signage industry is on the verge of a creative and technological revolution, and it's about time you found out "What in the 3D Faux DOOH Anamorphic Heck is Going On?" This intriguing presentation is set to be a highlight of the upcoming DSE 2023, and it promises to be a mind-boggling journey into the world of this spectacular new style of digital signage.

Hosted by David Title, Chief Engagement Officer, and Partner at Bravo Media, this presentation aims to unravel the mysteries of 3D Faux DOOH (Digital Out of Home) Anamorphic signage. While the title might seem like a tongue-twister, it reflects the complex and innovative nature of this emerging trend in the digital signage landscape.

Bravo Media, is an experiential studio based in New York City. It specializes in creating experiences through technology, and their work spans the globe, from California to Kuwait. They've conceived, developed, produced, and executed experiences that incorporate all the acronyms from AR and AI to QR and LED.

Bravo Media speaks code and content. They understand pixels and pressure points. They care about strategy, but they never lose sight of execution. They ask you the right questions and have the creative chops to bring your answers to life.

With his wealth of hands-on experience, David will answer all your burning questions like: What kind of wizardry makes anamorphic animations tick? Did you hear about that colossal 50-foot Barbie doll strutting her stuff in Dubai? Plus, we'll delve into even more mind-blowing content.

So, mark your calendar for this exciting presentation at DSE 2023 and prepare to unravel the mysteries of "What in the 3D Faux DOOH Anamorphic Heck is Going On?" It's an opportunity to expand your knowledge, spark your creativity, and explore the endless possibilities of the digital signage world. Stay tuned for more details on this intriguing session, and get ready to be amazed at DSE 2023!