The 2024 Digital Signage Experience (DIZZIE) Award Project Categories are: 

Corporate Environments
This category includes external or internal corporate communication installations, including office building lobbies, conference rooms, shared space, warehousing, and integrated communication with signage.

This category includes messaging and out-of-home advertising in Large Format / Spectacular, measurement and analytic driven advertising, mobile integrated DOOH campaigns, and PSA / media for social impact.

Educational Environments
This category includes installations at schools, colleges, universities, and other research institutions.

Entertainment & Recreation
This category includes any project or install at amusement parks, casinos, fitness centers, golf courses, movie theaters, national/state parks, art galleries, museums, or other dedicated digital art installations.

Experiential Design & Planning
This category includes installations that have a primary objective of captivating users with multiple displays and technologies that create an environment of interactivity and virtual experiences.

Healthcare Environments
This category includes installations at hospitals, clinics, veterinarian, apothecaries, doctors’ and dentists’ offices.

This category includes installations at hotels, cruise ships, motels, lodges, and their associated amenities. (Note: Hotel meeting spaces are considered to be under the Venues category.)

Public Spaces
This category includes interior/exterior installations in multi-branded shopping or gathering places such as malls, city squares/plazas.

Restaurants, Bars and Foodservice
This category includes installations, including QSR, fast casual, specialty restaurants, food trucks, bars & nightclubs.

Retail Environments
This category includes installations in all retail stores, including grocery and convenience stores. (Note: Public spaces at shared retail environments, such as in public areas of malls, should be considered under the Public Spaces category.)

Sustainable Solution
The Sustainable Solution Award recognizes innovative and environmentally conscious solutions that leverage digital signage technology while minimizing ecological impact. This award celebrates initiatives that prioritize energy efficiency, utilize sustainable materials, and promote responsible manufacturing, highlighting their contribution to a greener and more sustainable digital signage industry.

This category includes installations in airports, subway/train stations, airplanes, rail cars, buses & bus shelters, taxis.

This category include installations at stadiums, arenas, amphitheaters, convention centers, meeting facilities, and performing arts centers.

Digital Signage Content of the Year
The Digital Signage Content of the Year Award celebrates outstanding creativity and innovation in digital signage content. This prestigious award recognizes excellence in delivering compelling, engaging, and effective digital messages across various formats and platforms. It honors content that not only captivates audiences but also enhances the overall experience through exceptional design, storytelling, and technical execution.

The 2024 Digital Signage Experience (DIZZIE) Award Individual Categories are: 

Trailblazer Award
Honoring visionary individuals who have fearlessly pioneered new paths and shattered barriers in creating digital signage experiences. This award recognizes their extraordinary innovation, leadership, and ability to inspire, celebrating their transformative impact and the legacy they leave as trailblazers, paving the way for future generations.

Emerging Talent Award
Acknowledging and celebrating individuals in the early stages of their careers who have displayed exceptional promise, talent, and potential in creating digital signage experiences. It recognizes their outstanding achievements and predicts their future success as influential leaders and innovators.