DSE is for professionals in experiential design who are enhancing public spaces and transforming ordinary environments into engaging and interactive experiences for visitors.  

DSE can help you captivate audiences and create memorable moments. 

Here are just a few reasons to attend #DSE2024

  1. Educational sessions for inspiration and knowledge sharing. 

  2. Meet the experts: hear real-world stories from experts in experiential design today. 

  3. Connect with your peers: Dedicated networking lounges right on the Expo Floor, helping you meet other professionals facing and solving the same challenges as you.  

  4. Be inspired! There's nothing like seeing digital signage installations live and in-person. DSE helps you think big (and small) so you can take your digital signage game to the next level.

  5. See the latest tech: Assess companies who can provide everything from data and analytics, hardware, content and more.

By leveraging the versatility of digital signage, professionals in experiential design can create immersive and interactive spaces that leave a lasting impact on visitors. Thoughtful integration of technology and content can transform public spaces into memorable and engaging environments, fostering meaningful connections with the audience. See it all at #DSE2024!


Grandscape by SNA Displays (DIZZIE Awards)
Spider-Man No Way Home Digital Takeover by Harkins Theatres (2022 DIZZIE Awards)
The Orbit Retail Experience by SNA Displays (2022 DIZZIE Awards)