DSE 2023 to host sessions around Digital Signage Strategy, meeting the needs of Designers, Architects, Integrators and more. 

Mastering the Art of Design: Crafting Memorable Sensory Brand Experiences, Mission-Critical AV Integration

Designers, architects, and integrators worldwide are facing an exciting and transformative challenge that has reshaped design's very essence. The once-static design world has given way to a dynamic fusion of physical spaces and cutting-edge AV technology, propelling brand storytelling to new heights. 

Featuring a distinctive strategy track at DSE, participants acquire a holistic grasp of these pivotal topics, offering indispensable insights for professionals striving to remain at the forefront of this dynamic design landscape. These presentations will delve deeply into this groundbreaking movement, where art and technology converge to create unforgettable experiences.

DSE Strategy Sessions include: 

  1. Balancing Physical Design and AV Integration to Create Memorable Experiences

  2. Creating Sensory Filled Brand Experiences

  3. Mission Critical Digital Signage: Redefining Integrators’ Role

The sessions feature a dynamic lineup of experts. Bryan Meszaros, CEO of OpenEye Global, is a digital experience visionary. Justin Molloy, Managing Principal at Integral Experiences, specializes in blending physical and digital spaces. Rob Schulkins, Head of Digital Services at HH Global, is an expert in digital signage solutions. Marcos Terenzio, Senior Director at IA Interior Architects, offers a creative approach to architectural design. Tom LeBlanc, Executive Director of NSCA, brings extensive industry knowledge to the table. These speakers collectively provide diverse and valuable insights for attendees.

In “Balancing Physical Design and AV Integration to Create Memorable Experiences," this informative session explores the critical role that AV integration and design play in realizing the captivating visions that clients demand. Whether it's the iconic flagship retail store, the modern workplace, immersive pop-up installations, or the ever-evolving mixed realities, this session illuminates the profound shift in engaging audiences across diverse industry verticals.

Attendees will gain exclusive insights into the realm of sensory-filled brand experiences, a realm that transcends the traditional boundaries of architectural design. The goal is simple but profound: to immerse visitors in captivating narratives, stimulating their senses and leaving an indelible mark.

But the evolution doesn't stop there. In tandem with the transformation of brand experiences, the demand for digital signage solutions is skyrocketing. At the forefront of this transformation are integrators, the unsung heroes providing critical solutions across a plethora of vertical markets. From facilitating vital communication to ensuring safety for employees, customers, and students, integrators are the linchpin that keeps the world connected.

The session titled "Mission Critical Digital Signage: Redefining Integrators' Role" addresses the pressing challenges and the countless opportunities that await integrators in this digital signage evolution.

Designers, architects, integrators, and anyone passionate about the future of design, immersive experiences, and digital signage cannot afford to miss these game-changing sessions. Join us as we delve into the heart of the design evolution and the mission-critical challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.